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Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, 3 tenets hold true.
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1. Your prospects begin without you. 81% of consumers and 71% of businesses start their decision-making with on-line research.* Make sure your marketing speaks to the buyer at each stage of the process.
2. No one likes to be sold. But if you first provide valuable content that creates credible relationships, your conversion rates from prospect-to-customer can greatly increase.
3. It’s a noisy world out there. You’re different from your competitors so make sure your message tells the story.

A Content Marketing Strategy

– drives new traffic to your website

-provides opportunities to convert visitors to customers

-establishes your company as an authority when your content answers their questions or solves their problems

-increases your brand awareness

Many businesses would like to generate more content and customer communications than they have the staff or resources for, but I can help.
As a copywriter and business owner, I understand the strength of strategic marketing and creating personalized and compelling communications – at a cost-effective rate.  
 As a writer and journalist, I can
** represent your unique and authentic voice and tell your story
** provide spot-on content to a well-defined target audience
** deliver answers to their questions, solutions to their problems & support for their decisions

It’s your story.

I’d love to help you tell it.

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*HubSpot 2017 Marketing Statistics